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The Restaurant

Upon entering KLIMA Restaurant and Bar, you will be embraced with a flow of senses. The Bar will offer an inviting array of specialty cocktails and a casual but socially captive dining ambience where guests will be able to enjoy a unique variety of small plates offered from the bar menu. Light, art and intriguing design will lead you past a more intimate and sought-after selection of tables, through to the main dining room and our outdoor retreat. A climbing spiral of plant life and greenery creates a harmonious and unique culinary haven to enjoy for hours under the stars in the heart of South Florida.


Food is our Life and Culture. Our Mediterranean roots combined with the seasonal heritage of locally raised products have helped us to develop a contemporary and international menu that is simple to the eye and authentic in taste. A blend of the most original global recipes together with the freshest prime ingredients will create an eclectic yet balanced meal. The underlying theme for our cuisine is simplicity with genuine flavors that are carefully choreographed by our experienced chefs for your enjoyment.

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